Audi Brakes Repair Service in Warrington

Audi Diagnostics Service In St HelensFor an Audi brakes repair service in Warrington choose North West Bloor Motors. Our automotive technicians are expertly trained in the service and repair of specialty German as well as non-German cars. Our high-tech facility has state of the art diagnostic equipment in nine well-equipped bays. For almost 20 years, our experienced technicians have satisfied clients with unparalleled attention to the details of fine German cars. We gratefully acknowledge our valued clientele, who made the occupation of our current location a reality. As a non-franchise service facility, we can offer you the best prices on parts and labour, while adhering to dealer specifications regarding work under warranty. We use authentic manufacturers’ parts and stamp your book appropriately.

In Warrington, an Audi brakes repair service is best left to the professionals at North West Bloor Motors. Will you require a courtesy car while your vehicle is being serviced? No problem! For your convenience, we have nine available. And, when we have diagnosed your car’s needs, we will call to discuss our service plan with you.  We will provide you with an estimate of the cost and only with your approval, will we proceed with the required work. We are a VOSA approved MOT facility.  Our employees take great pride in upholding the standards of excellence that make our company a leader in our field.

For an Audi brakes repair service in Warrington, make an appointment with North West Bloor Motors today. Is your car behaving irregularly? Are you no longer able to stop smoothly and promptly? Is there an irksome squealing sound when you apply the brake? It sounds like it’s time for a thorough examination of your braking system. We have the diagnostic equipment and software needed to define your braking issues, including the tooling, technical data and wiring diagrams of this particular vehicle. Don’t jeopardise your safety! Let one of our highly skilled technicians diagnose and repair your brakes to dealership standards at a reasonable cost.