DPF Removal Performance Tuning in Bolton

DPF Removal Performance Tuning in BoltonDiesel Particulate Filter or DPF removal performance tuning in Bolton is one way to get better performance from a diesel engine. As the name suggests, the filter, attached to the exhaust system, collects environmentally unfriendly particles before they escape into the atmosphere. These filters, as with every kind of filter, have clogging tendencies, so they occasionally need cleaning or replacement. They are designed to be self-cleaning through a process called regeneration. For that to happen you need to hold the cars speed steady for fifteen to thirty minutes, so the filter gets hot enough to burn off the debris. Who can do that in stop and go traffic? If left uncleaned, the clog will cause damage that will cost your whole vacation fund.

In Bolton, DPF removal for performance tuning is the first thing car owners think of for better engine performance. It also works to remove the risk of repairs. North West Bloor Motors often receives requests to remove the diesel particulate filter and we agree it would solve performance issues. However, it is illegal as well as wrong for the environment. Diesel engine car manufacturers have been putting these filters on for ten years or more. In 2014, it became mandatory for MOT testing stations, which includes North West Bloor Motors, to check for the DPF as part of the test. If the filter was standard equipment on your car and you have removed it, it is an automatic fail.

If you have a diesel engine, DPF removal performance tuning in Bolton is not necessary. Only dirty filters have the potential to cause poor performance or damage. North West Bloor Motors specialises in but does not limit themselves to German cars. Bring your BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi to them for diagnostics, service, repair and MOT testing. They are independent, so you will not have pay dealer prices. They have been servicing and repairing all makes and models of cars since 1996. If you have a diesel particulate filter on your car, they will check it during servicing. If necessary, they will clean it, and if damaged, they will replace it with an aftermarket part. It is simple maintenance to protect the environment, keep your car at top performance and safe from damage. Contact North West Bloor Motor Works for DPF removal performance tuning.