Mercedes Diagnostics in Skelmersdale

Mercedes Diagnostics in SkelmersdaleWhen you need Mercedes diagnostics in Skelmersdale, North West Bloor Motors is pleased to say we can do anything your Mercedes dealer can, maybe better and likely cheaper. If your Mercedes has been running a little rough, maybe not putting out the power you expect, bring it to North West Bloor Motors. We have an impressive diagnostic set up to find most any poorly performing area of your engine. We also have the same manufacturer specifications that your dealer has. You do not have to delay a needed engine tune up because your Mercedes dealer charges are so high.

In Skelmersdale, Mercedes diagnostics at North West Bloor Motors will give you excellent service, generally for less money than your dealer. To delay seeking auto maintenance and repair may cause further damage to your car’s engine. Of course, an engine operating at less than peak performance is costing more money in fuel. While you are delaying needed maintenance, your car is costing you more money. The sensible solution is to bring your Mercedes to us for regular maintenance and repairs so your car will run at peak performance. That will likely save you money on use as well as helping your car last years longer. We use original manufacturer’s parts but you always have the choice to save even more money if we use equivalent aftermarket parts that are cheaper. We stamp your service book so your warranty will not be affected.

Accurate Mercedes diagnostics in Skelmersdale, as with all cars, has become more technologically complex as we move toward “smart car” electronics. North West Bloor Motors has diagnostic equipment to address tooling, wiring and technical data for your Mercedes. It is all done with diagnostic software used by our skilled mechanics. Discovering the problem is only half the job. Adjustments and repairs are carried out by some of the top mechanics in the area with a history of experience. We are the leading German Car specialists and our 20 years in business is a testament to our dedication to superior customer service. We are a full service garage with nine service bays for your convenience. We value your time so if you need to leave your car with us for repairs, we will loan one of ours to you. Contact North West Bloor Motors for Mercedes Diagnostics in Skelmersdale.