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BMW Engine Management Lights in Skelmersdale

BMW Engine Management Lights in SkelmersdaleBMW engine management lights in Skelmersdale are essential to the proper working of the car. The lights will tell you if any of the car’s systems are out of kilter. The car has a number of sensors on the systems which monitor the performance of the car and report back to the engine electronic control unit or engine ECU. This controls all the systems that ensure the car runs properly. If the engine ECU detects a fault in one of the systems it will notify the driver by means of a warning light. If the light comes on you need to take the car to a garage that specialises in BMWs. The diagnostics machines will communicate with the engine ECU and find out what the problem is. The engine ECU is very specific as to the problem it has detected. This makes it easier for the technician to find and fix the fault.

If your BMW has problems in Skelmersdale, BMW engine management lights can help the technician find the problem. The engine ECU has fault codes which are stored in its memory so that the technician can read the history using the diagnostics machine and readjust or fix the fault and extinguish the warning light. There are so many sensors and so many systems that there is no way the problem can be rectified without the diagnostic machine. The engine management lights are there to warn the driver that something is not right. If the car feels that the problem is serious it will switch to a limp home mode setting which allows you to drive the car but with reduced power settings.

BMW engine management lights in Skelmersdale are there for a purpose and not to be ignored because you do not feel any difference in the performance of the car. Contact North West Bloor Motors if you have a problem with your BMW engine management lights. Take your car in immediately to our garage so that our highly qualified technicians can identify and solve the problem before serious and costly damage is done to the engine of your expensive and precious BMW.