Find Audi Servicing In Cheadle

Audi servicing in CheadleDo you have a quality German engineered car? Are you looking for Audi servicing in Cheadle? We received an enquiry recently as to whether we were able to offer a full diagnostic for a customer when he brought in his Audi for a service. Obviously we were confidently able to assure him that not only could we offer this ,but also we put him at ease by assuring him that we utilised the latest car diagnostic software. Any capabilities that full dealerships offer, we offer too, plus a level of service that is far more reasonable in price but equal, if not better, in quality.

North West Bloor Motor Works has teams of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated technicians. Over the last 20 years we have established ourselves as the leading independent German car specialist in and throughout the North West region. So whether you’re in Cheadle and need Audi servicing, or you’re in Horwich,putting a BMW through a complete diagnostic, our professional teams will gladly do that little bit extra that allows our customers to truly feel the personal touch. When you choose a German car you’re choosing something of quality, something that will give you the peace of mind while you drive  —  this is exactly what we strive to offer when customer bring their beloved vehicles in for repairs or services.

We ensure that all our premises are modern, sleek and stylish, just like your vehicle. Audi servicing in Cheadle has never been this slick or affordable. The peace of mind that we offer is matched with the speed and meticulous workmanship by our dedicated technicians. You are more than welcome to ask them any question about any work they have done on your vehicle and their consummate knowledge will allow you to drive off feeling satisfied that your car has been well cared for. Call us on either 01204 667 867 or on mobile, 07774 714 340 and find out how we can help you. You can also take a look on our website for the services we provide.