Mercedes Benz Service In Horwich

Mercedes Benz Service in HorwichWhere can you go for a Mercedes Benz service in Horwich? Your much-loved Mercedes Benz should be serviced by a reputable and experienced German car specialist. It is only these expert technicians who know the intricate workings of the luxury German car brand; and who are able to perform a first class car service to manufacturer’s standards using quality parts; and they keep up to date with the latest product developments and other industry trends. . Other advantages to using knowledgeable Mercedes Benz specialists to service your car include improving your car’s value and the vehicle’s performance.

In Horwich, your Mercedes Benz service is in good hands at North West Bloor Motor Works. In addition to the routine checks carried out during a scheduled car service, the importance of an engine oil change cannot be over-estimated. The use of superior quality engine oil lubricants designed to protect, enhance and meet the exact demands of a Mercedes Benz engine must be used. The purpose of engine lubricants is to protect the parts of your car’s engine from extreme temperatures and friction. Over time, the oil in your car loses its capability and becomes less effective and therefore has to be replaced periodically. It is generally considered that the oil should be changed every 3 months or 3 000 miles. An engine that makes use of genuine Mercedes Benz approved engine oil performs better by delivering better mileage and minimizing wear and tear. Older oil that remains unchanged in your car’s engine has been known to collect dangerous debris that can destroy the heart of your car – the engine.

NW Bloor are such specialists who take pride in providing an efficient and professional Mercedes Benz service in Horwich. When you first take your car in for a scheduled service, a pre-service check should be carried out in order to diagnose problems you may have experienced with your car. By utilising the services of Mercedes Benz specialist technicians and regular car servicing you can keep your car running strong and clock up plenty of happy driving miles.