Mercedes Benz Servicing in Rochdale

Mercedes Benz servicing in RochdaleWe recently carried out Mercedes Benz servicing in Rochdale. Our customer loves their prestige car, and always ensured that they adhered strictly to the manufacturer’s service schedule. That’s why they got in touch with North West Bloor Motors. We’re just as passionate about German motors as our customers are. That’s why we’ve been providing range of services across the north west for many years. Whether you have a Mercedes Benz, like our customer, a BMW, Mini, Porsche, Audi or Skoda, we can help with servicing, diagnostics, repairs and much more.

Using us for Rochdale Mercedes Benz servicing makes sound financial sense. Just because you take the sensible step of following the manufacturer’s service schedule doesn’t mean that you have to use a main agent. In fact, legislation changes mean that you can have your car serviced at any reputable garage without invalidating any warranty or guarantee. You’ll still get a stamp in your service book of course, and this can help to protect the value of your car from depreciation. When you come to sell your car, potential buyers will see our stamp, and know that you’ve taken great care of the vehicle. We take pride in being an independent garage that offers main agent level services. This means that our rates are much cheaper than you’d pay for a garage that has a Mercedes Benz brand attached to it.

We don’t just provide Mercedes Benz servicing in Rochdale and beyond, or even just the German cars that we specialise in, we can service any make or model of car. We’ll check your servicing book and servicing schedule, to ensure that everything’s done that needs to be done at the right time. This helps keep your vehicle in tip top condition, and prevents the damage that wear and tear can otherwise do. With our extensive facilities, we can provide vehicle servicing at times to suit you, so you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of having to take time off of work to bring your car in. Mercedes Benz cars look and perform great and they deserve the best. Find out how inexpensive our servicing can be, by calling us today.