Mercedes Service in St Helens

Mercedes Service in St HelensIf you require a Mercedes service in St Helens, North West Bloor Motor Works is a reliable reputable German garage that will provide it. We specialise in all German cars as well as repair and maintain all makes of cars and offer a full MOT service. Our fully trained mechanics are friendly and reliable and take great pride in their work. In addition we offer full tyre replacement and repair service. We have been in business since 1996 and our customers are our priority when it comes to maintaining their vehicles to the highest standard of quality and safety, ensuring they can drive with confidence. In our fully licensed MOT test station we use the latest equipment that can be carried out on all makes and models of vehicles be they diesel or petrol and which complies with diesel regulations emissions of 2009.

In St Helens, a Mercedes service is necessary to maintain the good health of your car. North West Bloor provides our customers with an honest high quality service at competitive prices. We can handle any problem on new and used cars while remaining in line with the safety and quality guidelines. Our services include exhaust and brake repairs, air conditioning, and maintenance. We offer a full tyre fitting service and all our equipment is the latest when it comes to wheel alignment and tyre balancing. Even if your car is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, we can repair, maintain and service it thanks to the Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002 which now allows motorists the freedom to decide which garage should take care of their car.

A Mercedes specialist in St Helens is to be found at North West Bloor Motor Works, which only employs highly qualified specialists as well as have a range of the best equipment. When it comes to diagnostics we use tools from the vehicle diagnostics and information for VIDA, or After Sales as well as diagnostic equipment from Omitech and Delphi. If you need a Mercedes specialist, contact North West Bloor Motor Works.