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Mercedes Diagnostics in Preston

Mercedes Diagnostics in PrestonNorth West Bloor Motors has the Mercedes diagnostics in Preston for those owners that are conscientious about the care of their Mercedes. These are the same car owners that are not easily fooled. They know that paying more does not necessarily mean better service.  North West Bloor Motors has the same level of diagnostic equipment and expertise as your Mercedes dealer. We can access your Mercedes technical data using diagnostic software. Our technicians are certified and experienced with interpreting diagnostic data and making any needed adjustments, repairs or servicing. Anything your dealer can do, we can do just as well or better. Only we do it for less cost. That includes your warranty work. We cover about 30 points when we do full diagnostic servicing. We are also a certified MOT centre.

For Mercedes owners in Preston, Mercedes diagnostics can be done by the dealer. Maybe you are like Harvey who just felt more comfortable going to the dealer. On his way home from work one Friday evening Harvey’s service light in his dash came on. First thing Saturday morning, he called the dealers shop, expecting to bring his car in for diagnostic testing. Turns out, his dealer shop is closed on Saturday. So he called again on Monday and they couldn’t get him in until Thursday morning. It was a simple adjustment and they reset the warning light. Harvey choked when he saw the bill, paid it and left.

Harvey is no fool so he checked into other garages that offer Mercedes diagnostics in Preston. Contact North West Bloor Motors for more details about Mercedes diagnostics. At North West Bloor Motors, he asked for a comparison wait time and price for the work his dealer had just completed. He found out we would have taken his car in on Saturday morning. He was impressed finding out he could have paid one-third less for the work by coming to us. Don’t be like Harvey. Talk to North West Bloor Motors first.