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BMW Garage in Chorley

BMW Garage in ChorleyIf you are looking for a BMW garage in Chorley that is perfect for all your service requirements, speak to North West Bloor Motors. We have the necessary diagnostic machines with the most up to date software available. Our technicians are highly trained and extremely proficient in diagnosing and repairing any faults your vehicle may have. We specialise in BMW vehicles and all German manufactured vehicles, although we are also qualified to service and repair many other makes of cars. Your BMW should be regularly serviced at a garage that you can trust. With our many years of experience and very content and loyal customers, we have proven ourselves to be among the best BMW service centres around. Your vehicle is your second most expensive investment and should be kept in perfect running order.

When your expensive German manufactured car needs a service in Chorley, a BMW garage is the correct place to go. We are less expensive than a dealership but are still qualified to service your vehicle while keeping the manufacturer warranty intact. This will save you a decent amount through the lifetime of the car. You need your car to be in perfect condition to keep the resale value high. We will ensure that the car is repaired whenever necessary to the manufacturers’ specifications. Your car is your pride and joy, so do not let less qualified people work on it, it could end up costing a lot to repair the unintentional damage done to it.

A professionally run BMW garage in Chorley is conveniently close to you. Contact North West Bloor Motors today to book your car in for a service or repair at our BMW Garage. Once you have seen the extent of our commitment to the care of your vehicle you will not think of taking your car to any other garage. Our staff are honest, trustworthy and helpful. If you have any problems with the vehicle our technicians spare no effort to find and fix the fault with genuine BMW parts. We do not take any shortcuts, and this ensures a perfect job every time.