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Mercedes Servicing in Appley Bridge

Mercedes Servicing in Appley BridgeMercedes servicing in Appley Bridge should only be carried out by a reputable garage that specialises in servicing German manufactured vehicles. We have been specialising in expensive German made cars for almost 20 years. We have built up an enviable reputation as one of the best service centres for Mercedes and BMW amongst others. Our reputation and proven ability has grown our customer base by word of mouth. Throughout our years of experience we have developed invaluable knowledge and can have a more personal rapport with our customers than big dealerships. Our diagnostic machines and access to the manufacturers software as they do. Many of our technicians have been trained in dealerships and have the specialist tools needed to efficiently service the vehicles.

When your very exclusive and expensive German manufactured car needs maintenance in Appley Bridge, Mercedes servicing by a reliable garage is important. Our diagnostic machine has the very latest available software to detect even the most minor fault. The machines are also used to validate the on board service logbook. This will ensure that your vehicles warranty will stay valid. It also communicates with the vehicles on board computer to find out which service is required and if there are any problems with various systems in the vehicle. The ability of the diagnostic machine to communicate with the vehicles computer saves a lot of time and money as the modern car is mostly run by electronic systems and faults are very difficult to trace manually. Vehicles today are in effect self-diagnostic if you have the experience and the correct tools to read and understand the reports.

Mercedes servicing in Appley Bridge is conveniently local. Contact North West Bloor Motors today and book your prestigious car in for a service. We will make sure that your vehicle has the most thorough service ever. Our vehicle services are carried out to the manufacturers’ standards at all times. Your car will let you know when it is time to visit us again.