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BMW Engine Management Lights in Westhoughton

BMW Engine Management Lights in WesthoughtonYour BMW engine management lights in Westhoughton is usually called the Check Engine Light. Incredibly, there are drivers who think if that amber light comes on there is something wrong with the light. Maybe they don’t trust electronics so they don’t believe the messages they receive. It would probably be more helpful if, besides instructing you to check your engine, it would also tell you why. Maybe someday but not yet. The amber colour can also mislead because yellow means caution so drivers think a warning is just so much car chatter. If it flashed red, people might take notice. That dash light means there’s a malfunction in the engine; don’t panic but get it to a mechanic soon. It may be serious and procrastination may cost you an engine.

Bring your BMW to North West Bloor Motors when you see a dash warning light. In Westhoughton, BMW engine management lights should be checked by a mechanic that specialises in BMW cars. At North West Bloor Motors we have been specialising in German made cars for over 20 years. We have the same diagnostic capabilities as your dealer but as the leading independent German car garage we charge less. Our BMW trained mechanics will diagnose the reason your engine management light alerted you. Once they’ve found the malfunction, they repair or adjust the cause. Even a small repair, caught early, can save you big repair bills.

Some motorists drive with their BMW engine management lights in Westhoughton lit up for so long they don’t even notice it anymore. Who knows how much damage is slowly being done to your engine. Most drivers know the first thing to do is check for a loose or damaged fuel cap. Its one thing that can trigger the warning light and it’s a quick and easy fix. If the light does not go out contact North West Bloor Motors. It still might be an inexpensive fix at our garage like a spark plug or sensor. Problems with the exhaust or fuel pump will also trigger the warning light. Whatever the cause, to protect your car safety and your car, let us check and fix it for you before it becomes a bigger risk.