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VW Servicing in Horwich

VW Servicing in HorwichYou are careful with your car and should take it to a garage that has experience with VW servicing in Horwich. Finding the right garage for you is always a concern. You are looking for a trustworthy business that will use genuine parts and charge a fair price for the work. Our garage has earned a fine reputation for honesty and efficiency which we are very proud of. Our technicians have many years of experience and much accumulated knowledge to be able to deal with the latest high tech cars. The diagnostics machine we have is one of the latest and can access the technical data at the manufacturer’s headquarters. This can be particularly helpful when there is a very difficult problem to solve. All the necessary wiring diagrams and other technical data is available at our fingertips.

Dealerships used to be the only place you could get your car serviced and still keep the warranty valid. In Horwich, VW servicing can be done by our garage at almost half the price of a dealership and the warranty stays intact. The regulations changed and garages with the expertise and proper equipment can also service cars from new. We are delighted to fall into this category and service vehicles of any age, straight out of the box or elderly but in good condition. Just because you car is not one of the latest models does not mean you need to change it. We can restore it to its former glory and keep it on the road for you at a very reasonable price.

When you need VW servicing in Horwich we are the perfect garage for all your vehicles needs. Contact North West Bloor Motors today and book your VW in for a service or for repairs. You will find the experience of dealing with us very pleasant. We make sure that you are aware at all times of any faults we may find and we will request permission before we repair anything.  Our customers like to know what price they will be expected to pay for a service and we will stick to the quoted price barring any defects or faults we may find.