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VW Diagnostics in Leyland

VW Diagnostics in LeylandDo you need VW diagnostics in Leyland? Perhaps you need a technician to troubleshoot what is causing that slight vibration you sometimes notice or that bit of drag you feel when accelerating. Being a VW purist you may plan to take your car to the dealer for these services. You know the dealer mechanics are schooled on everything about VW engines and they will only use genuine VW parts for repairs. You plan to make that dealer appointment as soon as you have enough spare cash because it will be expensive just to drive into the bay. Meanwhile, you hope no damage is resulting from the vibration or acceleration drag. At North West Bloor Motors, we understand your penchant for VW specialist. We feel the same way.

We at North West Bloor Motors specialise in German cars. For those in Leyland, VW diagnostics, the same as the dealer, are used in our own garage. We have the diagrams, data and tooling diagnostic software for your VW. Every operating detail of your car engine, electrics, exhaust, gearbox and more is available to us, just as it is for your dealer. Our technicians are German car trained and certified. You probably already know you don’t have to take your car to the dealer for warranty work. You can bring it to us at North West Bloor Motors. You may wonder why you should since the dealer offers exactly the same service. Saving up to half compared to dealer cost is reason enough.

We may have more VW diagnostics in Leyland than your dealer. When you add in our exceptional customer service, accommodating appointments, friendly staff and our love and expertise of VW’s there is no contest. We respect your preference for genuine parts. You could save more money with our aftermarket parts comparable in quality but the choice is always yours. Once again, because we are independent, our cost is far less than the dealer. Contact North West Bloor Motors or pop in and visit our facility. We have been well established for 20 years. Our garage is the number one Independent German Car Specialists throughout the North West. Once you try us, you’ll understand why.