Audi Diagnostics in Preston

Audi Diagnostics in Wigan

Audi Diagnostics in WiganWe hear a lot these days about specialised tools such as Audi diagnostics in Wigan. For instance, North West Bloor Motors has the latest and most efficient diagnostic tools and we’re not even a dealer. We are mechanics trained to diagnose and repair problems with any Audi. Our tools have changed as the design and manufacture of cars has changed. Electronics rule and car engines are computerised. Could we still troubleshoot an engine problem based on experience? We can and we do. However, your Audi has electronics in the engine, trans and clutch, steering assembly, suspension, brakes, battery and more. Diagnostic tools that can quickly pinpoint a malfunction saves a lot of our time and a lot of your money.

Your Audi has conveniences you have long since taken for granted made possible by computerised electronics. In Wigan, Audi diagnostics allow our technicians to maintain and repair your remote start, door electronics, parking aids, alarms, locks and your dash panel systems. All Audi electronic systems are highly reliable and durable. With proper maintenance and service, the massive amount of electronics in your car will perform remarkably for years; except for the occasional times when they don’t. Those are the times when we troubleshoot the problem quickly and make repairs or replace parts.

Incidentally, we use original manufacturer parts when our Audi diagnostics in Wigan indicates a needed part replacement. However, you have a choice and if you want to save money on top quality aftermarket parts, we offer the option. Your dealer can’t offer that choice. Actually, we save you up to 40% of the dealer cost for service and repairs. Our garage is independent and performs every service your dealer does with the same or better tools, technicians and guarantees. Yet, we charge less because we don’t have to add on costs to every part and service to cover name brand overhead. Contact North West Bloor Motors when your Audi is in need of service, maintenance, repairs or MOT. You get dealer quality car care, lower prices and customer service that lets you know we appreciate your business.