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Mercedes Remapping in Manchester

Mercedes Remapping in ManchesterYou might be asking yourself, what can Mercedes remapping in Manchester do for my vehicle? To start, let’s define remapping. Most modern cars have an Engine Control Unit, or ECU. The ECU is a small computer that controls the way the engine works. Every new car has the ECU on default settings, because manufacturers ship their vehicles all over the world, and in order for the ECU to do its job and be effective, it has to be recalibrated to match the climates, laws, fuels and roads of its current environment. This process of recalibration is called remapping.

If you’re a new car owner in Manchester, Mercedes remapping should be a part of your first service. The remapping is done through a software package which overwrites the default settings within the ECU. Once the software is transferred through the car’s serial port, engine performance is enhanced, with some cars allowing for a more on the go tuning through the OBD port. There are several interrelated effects of remapping. First, the engine will have a power boost. This, of course, is linked to increased fuel consumption. However, the torque of the engine is increased as well, which means that the driver does not have to change gears as often in traffic. This can lead to an improvement in fuel economy, which either balances the increase in consumption, or it leads to an overall improvement.

North West Bloor Motors offers Mercedes remapping in Manchester. The garage specialises in German vehicles, and since 1996, it has been providing servicing, repairs, engineering, MOTs and diagnostics. The services are dealership quality, at only a fraction of the price, and the garage boasts 9 separate service bays. This means that you can expect a quick service with no waiting period. Inspection services can cost as little as 69 GBP, and repairs include everything from mechanical, to body work and engine rebuilds. For more details, contact North West Bloor Motors today. Your vehicle will be in great hands, whether you need a full repair or an engine remapping.