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Audi Garage in Salford

Audi Garage in SalfordUsing a reputable Audi garage in Salford means that you can be confident in a first class servicing for your car.  Car dealerships, although providing the required service, can be pricey. A reputable garage will offer the same services as those in dealerships but at a more affordable cost. It is highly possible that such a garage is in possession of the same quality and high-grade spare parts as well as up to date diagnostic equipment and tools for a thorough job. Just like car dealerships, a garage of this manner adheres to the manufacturer’s recommendations of servicing the car in order to leave the warranty valid for the period that is stipulated.

There are many such facilities around, but one of the best German car specialist garages is North West Bloor Motors. In Salford, Audi garage is equipped with the necessary tools to handle all Audi makes and models. North West Bloor Motors is an independent business that handles all things concerning German cars. We’ll do a check on your car’s history via the service booklet in order to ensure you’re receiving the correct service, as well as be on the lookout for any additional items that may be needed. We understand that just like the owners, every car is different and may require different things. This is why we offer bespoke service adding a personal touch each time for true peace of mind. Our shop is truly a one-stop shop for you, as you’ll be able to receive repair and MOT services as well. The age of the car and your budget is not an issue. We’ll be able to work with and around any factors that need to be addressed.

North West Bloor Motors is a sure bet for an Audi garage in Salford. Contact us today and take advantage of the service our experienced technicians will provide. We also offer servicing on non-German cars at the very same quality, including maintenance and diagnostics. When you use our services, you can rely on our professional workmanship, affordable prices and can-do attitude.