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VW Tracking in Farnworth

VW Tracking in FarnworthIf you are a proud owner of a Volkswagen then you need VW tracking in Farnworth. This reliable and technologically advanced vehicle tracker will ensure that your car is protected from thieves and can often result in lower insurance premiums. Vehicle theft is becoming more and more common in the UK and thieves are becoming smarter. They are so good at stealing cars that it can literally take minutes to get into your locked car and drive away. If you have no means to track your car it will be stripped down or sold before you can even begin to look for it. A car tracker is placed in an inaccessible place in your car and cannot easily be found or removed. It works all the time and your car can be accurately located wherever it is in a matter of minutes.

There are thousands of cars stolen every year in the UK. In Farnworth, VW tracking means your car is safe and quickly recoverable. The tracker has motion sensors which alert you in case the vehicle is being towed with the ignition switched off.  The unit has a GPS tracking function to pinpoint it quickly. We are one of the leading independent German car specialists in the North West of the UK. Having gained invaluable specialise knowledge and experience over the years we feel our bespoke service is unrivalled. Our premises are set up for German manufactured cars with essential and specialised tools and diagnostic machine. We use original parts to ensure the warranty of the vehicle is not invalidated.

We supply and fit VW tracking in Farnworth to ensure your vehicle can be recovered quickly if stolen. The recommended tracker for the Volkswagen brand is the CobraTrak which also has tampering alerts. Contact North West Bloor Motors if you have a German manufactured vehicle and know that your car is being taken care of by one of the best in the business. Some of the tracking devices have automatic driver recognition which works by means of a card. When you leave the vehicle the tracker automatically arms itself. If the vehicle is moved without the card the Cobra Secure Operating Centre is instantly alerted.