Top Quality and Affordable Mercedes Servicing in Rochdale

Mercedes servicing in RochdaleSave some money on your Mercedes servicing in Rochdale without sacrificing quality, experience or customer service. In fact, you can expect our independent service centre to be the best friend your Mercedes ever had. You can expect our prices, customer service, convenience of services and overall good-natured staff to make owning your Mercedes even more enjoyable. We can simplify your Mercedes ownership by offering full service, including tyres, MOT, exhaust, maintenance and repair. Depending on how much you drive and the age of your Mercedes, it’s possible you would only have to make one appointment a year to keep your car at optimal performance and safety. Considering the investment most of us have in our cars, we think that’s a very good deal.

Book your car into our garage a month or so before your MOT is due to expire. For a total service experience in Rochdale, Mercedes servicing and any needed repairs can be carried out first. That includes exhaust and tyres. Now we have your car and it’s had a thorough check up, we can carry out the MOT. In all likelihood the car will pass with no problems. However, if something pops up during testing, we’ll remedy the issue and retest. We can usually accomplish that task right away so there is no additional charge for the MOT retesting. If you really just want to pop in for MOT testing you can do that without an appointment.

We offer convenient Mercedes servicing in Rochdale. We stock an excellent range of tyre brands in a wide range of prices. If our service techs see low tread or uneven wear and replacement tyres are warranted, we can do it right here. Keep in mind that we will never carry out a repair or replacement without your consent. Contact North West Bloor Motors for a full service and repair garage for your Mercedes. Our independent garage has been serving the area for over 20 years. You can trust in our expertise, customer service and fair pricing.