VW Servicing in Leyland, Professional, Affordable and Efficient

VW Servicing in LeylandVW servicing in Leyland is offered at our garage. We are a proud, independent German car specialist and offer a range of expert services. Keeping your VW in excellent condition is a top priority. This is why having it regularly serviced is so important. With regular servicing, any potential problems with your VW can be identified and repaired before they become large and expensive to repair. We have an enviable reputation for first class services, and all are offered at pocket-friendly prices. As an independent garage, and due to block exemption regulations, we are able to service your VW, without voiding its warranty.

Before we begin, we will check your VW’s history through its service booklet or the digital service book. In Leyland, VW servicing is completed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. When we check your VW’s service book, we ensure the correct service for your car. It is also to check whether any additional items will be required. Our technicians are all highly skilled, trained and experienced in all makes of German vehicles. This includes your VW. We also use the latest technology available. This allows us to provide dealership quality servicing, but without the typical high costs. When you have your VW serviced at our garage, you can rest assured that not only will your vehicle be professionally serviced, but at an affordable cost too.

VW servicing in Leyland begins when you give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our expert team makes use of the latest diagnostic kit and online tools. Should your VW need replacement parts, we provide original manufacturers parts. You could also choose from a less expensive replacement part equivalent. This will save on the cost. When you are looking for a professional garage for your VW servicing, contact North West Bloor Motors. For over 20 years, we have provided our exceptional, high quality services to all our clients.  This is one of the reasons why we have upheld our position as the leading independent German car specialist in the area. Use our garage for your VW servicing, and gain peace of mind.