BMW Remapping in Farnworth

BMW Remapping in Bolton Lets Your Engine Function to its Full Potential

BMW Remapping in Bolton Let your engine function to its full potential with expert BMW remapping in Bolton. As the region’s leading BMW specialist, North West Bloor Motors focuses on quality services at affordable rates. We are well-established, highly-trained BMW experts and can undertake a comprehensive range of servicing, repairs, maintenance and more. Apart from BMW, we also provide services for all German makes and model vehicles. Ours is the largest privately owned premises in the Horwich area, making it convenient and easy for clients to book a slot at a time that suits them. We have a sturdy reputation in the local areas and beyond for re-engineering, MOTs and diagnostics.

Our investment in people has paid us huge dividends in terms of building an expert and experienced team of technicians. In Bolton, BMW remapping is one of the professional services that we undertake. This can greatly benefit engine performance and efficiency. Sophisticated, modern automobile engines are computer controlled, and these smart systems control air/fuel ratio, ignition, timing, engine pressure and more. Factory settings by the manufacturer are often kept on the lower side to maintain certain balances and ensure compliance with emission regulations. However, the true potential of the engine could be much higher, and the power and fuel efficiency can be increased by tweaking these settings. This is known as engine remapping or Stage 1 tuning. It requires a relatively simple software change.

BMW remapping in Bolton by our team can increase torque, horsepower, and fuel efficiency. Some vehicles may also benefit from remapping the valet or immobilizer modes that can be activated with a switch. This gives your car greater protection in case a thief attempts to steal your car. Contact North West Bloor Motors for more information on how we can assist with BMW remapping. However, this is certainly not a project that can be undertaken by the average DIY enthusiast, no matter how many YouTube videos you consult. It takes a huge amount of experience, knowledge and experience to do a perfect job. Re-mapping by inexperienced hands, and without the right tools, software and precision proficiency can result in disaster. You could end up causing damage, incurring big expenses and wasting a lot of time.