Are You Looking for a Mini Service in Wigan?

Looking For A Mini Service In WiganIf you are looking for a mini service in Wigan, North West Bloor Motor Works is your one-stop solution. Not only do we specialise in German cars but we provide a service second to none. We are privately owned, giving us a little more independence to give personal attention to your car when it requires a service. We have nine service bays, and each one has his own dedicated and experienced technician. The days of long queues and waiting periods while your car is being service is over – we provide a prompt and highly professional mini service that is perfect for any car owner in Wigan. We can also provide you with a courtesy car if you need one.

You can choose between various service options; we provide services to German and non-German cars, using the latest technology and a low cost service. Our prices vary from £69 for vehicles manufactured up to 1999 and £99 for an Inspection 2 service. All types of cars are serviced by us, but we specialise in servicing BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Mini, Skoda and Seat. In Wigan, we provide a great mini service that is affordable and professional. North West Bloor Motor Works offers a wide variety of services, from mechanical repairs to engine rebuilds. We also have professional technicians available to give you helpful tips and advice on how you can look after your make and model car effectively and affordably.

Taking care of your car is always essential for any motorist. If you are looking for a mini service in Wigan, look no further than North West Bloor Motor Works. We are open from 7.30am to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays and 9am-12pm on Saturdays. Contact us today to experience personal attention, superior after sales service and reliable workmanship.