Mini Diagnostics in Rochdale

Mini Diagnostics in RochdaleCustomers frequently ask us if we can carry out mini diagnostics in Rochdale. Happily, we can reply in the affirmative. The reason they ask, is that not all independent garages can do so, so it pays to find a real expert. That’s just what North West Bloor Motors are. We’re German car specialists, and can provide a full range of automotive services for cars such as BMW, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, not to mention the wonderful new mini. Customers from across the North West wouldn’t take their German manufactured car anywhere else, and all our mechanics have a wealth of experience and love German cars just as much as you do.

Finding high quality yet affordable Rochdale mini diagnostics is easy when you contact our fully equipped garage. Many independent repair centres don’t have the specialist machinery needed to carry out diagnostics. They’ll refer you back to the main dealer, but that costs you time and money. Everyone knows that when you take your car to a main agent you have to pay a premium just because of the manufacturer’s name on the forecourt. That’s why we’re proud to provide a main agent level fault finding service while still offering independent garage prices.

The reason that we can provide mini diagnostics in Rochdale, is that we have the latest diagnostic equipment. It means that we can provide the same fault finding service as a main dealership, for a significantly lower cost. Because we make fault finding quick and easy, it means that we can then carry out the repairs and get your car back on the road. Whether you have a problem with the air condition, ABS system, engine management or airbags, we’ll get to heart of the matter and provide the solution. Remember, if a warning light becomes illuminated on your dashboard, don’t ignore it. That only leads to bigger problems further down the line. Don’t waste time trying to find a garage that has the expertise you need, we’re right here. Call our team today.