BMW Speed Limit Removal in Bolton

BMW Speed Limit Removal in BoltonWhen you bring your vehicle in for BMW speed limit removal in Bolton, you may find yourself faced with a tricky question – is it right for you to do so taking into consideration the condition of your vehicle? You see, most people do not realise that there is a reason why the speed limit has been placed on your BMW car. It is not only designed to protect your engine and extend its life-span, it is also designed to ensure that you do not skid your car out of control when driving along on a regular day.

In Bolton, a BMW speed limit removal should be carefully considered. A BMW car has been designed to run at the maximum speed that the engine has been limited to run at. The ECU calibration data determines how fast your car can run but there are other factors that are part of that decision as well – such as the tyres, your brakes and suspension. If a car that’s designed to run at 180mph is driven at 240mph, without changing the tyres, you will wear them out quicker and even risk a tyre-burst. Similarly, the suspension, ride-height and brakes may need adjustment too as a dead stop from 180mph is very different from a dead stop from 240mph.

The right specialist can help you through the process of BMW speed limit removal in Bolton while taking these elements into account. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are getting the speed limitation removed from your BMW but if you are careful about it and take it to the right mechanic who knows what they are doing, you should be relatively safe. North West Bloor Motors are German car specialists and can proudly provide dealership quality service for your car, without the excessively high prices.   They have modern, well-equipped premises, with qualified professionals working on your car. If you require a BMW speed limit removal, contact North West Bloor Motors.