Efficient Performance Remapping in Bolton

Performance Remapping in BoltonDo you want to enhance your car’s efficiency and you’re looking for a good service provider who can conduct performance remapping in Bolton? If your mechanic has suggested it, and you are unsure what the term means, here are some handy facts to keep in mind. Almost every new vehicle on the roads today has a mini computer or Engine Control Unit (ECU) installed which controls its functioning. Manufacturers usually de-tune the engine and fix the settings to default on the ECU prior to sale. This is because they must take into account different climates, ignition timing, air-fuel mixture, rev limits, fuel quality and regulations in different parts of the world. However, you can boost the efficiency and economy of your car by re-tuning the chips on the ECU and setting them to desired ways of controlling engine function. One thing to be kept in mind is that performance remapping is not possible for older cars, especially those manufactured before 2000, but it could depend on the make and model.

In Bolton, performance remapping is offered by reputed, well established firms like North West Bloor Motor Works, who employ trained staff capable of carrying out this high tech task to perfection. They can remap the original software that controls your engine by plugging in the retuned software into your engine’s OBD port, thus over-writing the older version. Such chip retuning companies have the technical expertise to ensure that your car’s performance is increased while keeping the fuel costs low. Functions like power and torque can be enhanced, while economy can be scaled up by at least 7 to 10% because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to deliver higher power.

Performance remapping in Bolton makes the most of your vehicle and gives you more speed and power, making it much more responsive. Some manufacturers themselves offer plug in kits which car owners can use themselves to upgrade their ECU software. However, it’s always wiser and more economical in the long run to leave this complex task to specialists. Performance remapping does put some extra strain on the engine; hence your insurer also needs to be informed about remapping. For more information about performance mapping, contact North West Bloor Motor Works.