Mercedes Performance Remapping in Wigan

Mercedes Performance Remapping in WiganYou may be unsure about where to find superior Mercedes performance remapping in Wigan if you are looking to boost the power of your car. Performance and fuel economy are two reasons Mercedes owners consider remapping. The level of power in a car is set at the factory with lower performance in cheaper models. Remapping can make your lower priced Mercedes turbo perform like the more expensive models. Expensive models become even more powerful. You may experience greater fuel economy with remapping as long as you drive the car conservatively. Mapping is computerised using specialised software to change the parameters of your car engines brain known as the engine control unit (ECU). Remapping is done by uploading a new standardised map to your ECU or a customised map, which, technologically, is more intricate.

In Wigan, Mercedes performance remapping should not be trusted to the nonprofessional. That is why the smart Mercedes owners bring their cars to North West Bloor Motors. We have the latest technology and provide high standard dealer quality at lower than dealer cost. However, we use genuine manufactured parts. For twenty years, North West Bloor Motors has been specialising in German made cars. Our current location is spacious and staffed with experienced dealer trained technicians. Remapping your Mercedes may take as little as an hour. If you need transport while we work on your car, we will gladly lend you a vehicle.

Mercedes performance remapping in Wigan is a high-tech service North West Bloor Motors is proud to offer our customers. We are an independent business and not affiliated with any dealership or parts manufacturer. Our independence leaves us the freedom to choose the best products and services, as well as the best technicians, available. For our customers, that adds up to superior service at less than dealer prices. We offer a full range of services including MOT testing, maintenance and repairs for your car. At North West Bloor we have nine bays, each staffed with a technician so your service is a fast in and out. We guarantee our work so you can trust your Mercedes remapping to us. You will notice the difference in your cars performance. For Mercedes performance remapping, contact North West Bloor Motors.