BMW Remapping in Leyland

BMW remapping in LeylandYou may want to enquire about BMW remapping in Leyland if your vehicle is not performing as it should. If you are unsure about the most suitable solution for your BMW, consider the services of North West Bloor Motors. At North West Bloor Motor Works they have years of experience and are specialists in their field regarding the serving and repair of all German makes of cars.

In Leyland, BMW remapping is offered by the qualified technicians at North West Bloor Motors. They have gained the experience and knowledge over the years by working at main dealerships or through in-house training over many years. Remapping is using the latest technology and computerised software to reset the engine parameters set by the factory. Each car’s engine has specifications set by the factory to ensure that the vehicle performs at its best at all times. The number of seconds it takes to reach 100km per hour is an example of a set specification. Through constant wear and tear and the way the car is driven will determine how long such specifications will continue at their peak. Looking after your vehicle through annual servicing and remapping can enhance the performance and keep your car running smoothly. So whether you want more power from a cheaper model or a better fuel consumption, remapping the engine’s control unit is a suitable solution.

BMW remapping in Leyland can be done efficiently and quickly. With their 9 service bays and a technician assigned to each of them it will take but an hour or so. Should you need to get to another commitment and you cannot wait, they will also provide you with a courtesy vehicle whilst your car is being worked on. As an independent company you can be assured of the best quality service delivery, genuine parts and best prices regardless of what needs to be done to the vehicle. If you would like more information on BMW remapping, contact North West Bloor Motors.