BMW Breakdown in Burnley

BMW Breakdown in BurnleyBMW breakdown in Burnley is not that common for most models. After all, BMW is one of, if not the only, luxury car rated best for reliability. When you buy a car, all the bells and whistles that add up to luxury and style are just overpriced eye candy if the car is not reliable. At North West Bloor Motors, we have had a few customers complain that their BMW is always breaking down. Once we get their car up on the rack, it is easy to see why it is always breaking down. The owners have not maintained them even minimally. They wash them, put gas in them and drive. You might get away with that for a few years but not forever. When the breakdown comes after years of neglect, it is likely to be expensive.

In Burnley, BMW breakdown of well-maintained cars is often minimal. Vacuum leak seems to be common but that is a minor expense to repair. We at North West Bloor Motors know the tendency to ignore the “check engine light”. Ignore it long enough and you do not even see it anymore. That is, until you find yourself stranded alongside the road. Do not let it get that far. It only leads to higher repair bills and compromises the safety of all riding in your BMW. When you see that engine light, bring your car by, and let us hook it up to our diagnostics. Nine courtesy cars available for customer use. If we have to keep your car for a few hours or overnight one will be made available to you.

BMW breakdown in Burnley does not mean you have to take your car back to the dealer for diagnostics and repairs. We at North West Bloor Motors are an independent German car specialist. We service, repair, diagnose, and engineer your BMW with the same professional expertise as your dealer for a lot less money. We use manufacturer recommended parts and all work is done to manufacturer standards. We do MOT testing as well. Our technicians trained at main dealers or at our garage. They work to the same professional standards as dealer technicians. “The Guild of Master Craftsmen” has honoured our shop for Quality and Service. For more information about BMW breakdown, contact North West Bloor Motors.