German Cars in Preston

German Cars in PrestonGerman cars in Preston are an expensive and valuable part of your assets. You wouldn’t let a man off the street do surgery on you and you should not let your precious car be tinkered with by just anyone. We have had our staff trained by the best to the highest level of competence. As we specialise in German makes of cars there is no room for mistakes. Our tools used in servicing your car are especially made for use on German vehicles and our diagnostics machinery is state of the art as used by German car dealerships. The only difference in the service is the price. We also use genuine German parts in your car during a service. Our diagnostics machines will find any fault, almost before you realise you have one. If we cannot repair the faulty part we will replace it.

In Preston, German cars need specialist handling and we are expert at this. With many years of experience in servicing and repairing German cars of all types we are capable of looking after even the rarest German vehicle. If you have had a small accident we are fully qualified to deal with almost everything needed to repair your car. Sometimes we will not have an item in stock but we will procure it for you in the shortest possible time at the most reasonable price possible. Once you have entrusted your vehicle to us we will make sure that when we have serviced or repaired it, it will be as good as new.

German cars in Preston not only need service and repairs but also require the routine changing of tyres and fitting of new batteries. We will do both for you and our dependable and helpful staff will advise you on the manufacturer’s recommendation for both battery and tyres. We will, naturally, do wheel balancing and alignment so that your vehicle gets as long a life out of the new tyres as possible. For more information regarding German cars, contact North West Bloor Motors.