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Mercedes in Farnworth

Mercedes in FarnworthNorth West Bloor Motors is your German car specialists, including Mercedes in Farnworth. Designed and manufactured for performance, the Mercedes is the standard of excellence for many car owners. In order to sustain that delicate performance balance, only Mercedes trained professional technicians should maintain and repair your car. In the past, that meant only Mercedes dealer mechanics. In the past, some car owners would not purchase a Mercedes even though they were willing to pay for such a well-engineered car. The reason for that was the high cost of maintenance and repairs. It is a high-performance luxury car so dealers charge luxury prices for maintenance and repairs. Expecting to own the car for many years, some felt resentful at that kind of price gouging.

In Farnworth, Mercedes specialists North West Bloor Motors has put an end to high-cost maintenance and repairs for German cars. They believe the public has the right to drive a fine machine without being penalised. Therefore, many of their mechanics were dealer trained by Mercedes Dealer garages. Their other mechanics have been schooled by North West Bloor Motors as they worked their way up to a professional level based on the high standards of experience and knowledge found only at North West Bloor Motors. Highly qualified technicians, working according to Mercedes standards, carry out MOT, service maintenance, diagnostics and repairs. As an independent garage, they do the same expert work as the dealer, but at a much lower cost.

North West Bloor Motors implements the same capabilities as any dealer for diagnostics, maintenance and repair of your Mercedes in Farnworth. They have all the tooling, data and diagrams needed to keep your Mercedes in top form. Technicians will reference your digital service record to make sure your service is according to manufacturer’s standards. You are less likely to postpone needed repairs and scheduled maintenance due to cost. Their mechanics take care of your car and your bank account. North West Bloor Motors has twenty years of experience in the business of servicing German cars. You will be in and out of one of the nine North West Bloor service bays without the long wait. For repairs or servicing of Mercedes, contact North West Bloor Motors.