BMW Remapping in Farnworth

BMW Tracking in Bolton

BMW Tracking in BoltonBMW tracking in Bolton is invaluable when your car is missing.  Your car can be found in a few minutes! The system is part of the BMW Assist program. It will track the car using the car computer and GPS system. The advantage of using BMW tracking is that it is not an added on system. It is part of the car’s computer system and if it is tampered with, the car is rendered immobile. Other tracking units can be found after a search and removed. The unit uses the car’s own aerial and power to boost the signal. There is also a smartphone app which lets you lock and unlock the car remotely.  You can programme it to sound the horn and flash the lights of the car if you cannot remember where you parked.

When you need to know where your expensive German manufactured car is in Bolton, BMW tracking can tell you very quickly. At North West Bloor Motors we admire these sophisticated technological improvements and can service and maintain them all.  Anything that can be done to your vehicle at a dealership we can also do, and at a lower cost. Our diagnostic machine will communicate directly with the car’s computer and check all the systems that it controls. If there are any problems with any one of them it will inform the technician where the fault is.  Nowadays, most parts of a vehicle are computer controlled, and to try and find a small fault can be difficult without specialist equipment.

BMW tracking in Bolton is simple and easy.  Contact us at North West Bloor Motors today for more information or go ahead and book your BMW in for a maintenance check or service.  We will make sure that all the electronics in the car are in good working order. If anything needs adjustment or calibration, our experienced technicians will attend to it.