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VW Servicing in Blackburn

VW Servicing in BlackburnVW servicing in Blackburn entails many aspects designed to ensure that your vehicle will function at its optimum.Some aspects of vehicle servicing include oil filter or engine oil change, wheel nut torque, checking tyre pressure, topping up clutch fluid, checking the brake fluid level, checking the windscreen washer fluid, checking the air filter, examining the anti-freeze strength, gearbox fluid, non-sealed battery units, and checking spark plugs, including the overall health of the vehicle. Whether this is your first time taking your VW in for servicing or you’re looking for a better service garage, it is essential that you choose a garage that specialises in Volkswagens.

For residents in Blackburn, VW servicing is available at North West Bloor Motors. Before conducting any servicing, we examine the service booklet very carefully to check your vehicle’s history. We will also examine the manufacturer’s standards to ensure your vehicle is serviced correctly. We specialise in servicing German vehicles. This includes brands such as Audi, Seat, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Rest assured, we also service non-German car manufacturers. While servicing your vehicle, we will utilise the most current technology. We pride ourselves on providing a low cost and comprehensive service that resembles a dealership’s quality, while taking care to meet manufacturer’s standards. Apart from VW servicing, we also perform MOTs, repairs and diagnostics.

If you have recently purchased a Jetta and it is due for VW servicing in Blackburn, we recommend you take it in to a garage that specialises in German vehicles. Contact North West Bloor Motors today and make an appointment for VW servicing. You can expect the same service and quality with us as you would at a dealership but at half the cost!