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Need BMW Servicing in Leigh

Need BMW Servicing in Leigh When you need BMW servicing in Leigh,  think of us at North West Bloor Motors. If your first thought is your BMW dealer then you would benefit by considering an independent garage. At North West Bloor Motors, we are independent German car specialists. For our customers, that means that our technicians are certified for BMW servicing and repairs using genuine factory parts, current BMW diagnostic equipment and a wealth of experience. Your warranty will continue to be honoured and your costs will be far less than your dealer will charge. It seems to us there is very little thought required to get equal or superior servicing at a lower cost. Lower cost does not mean inferior service; it means we are able to do the same work for less because we are independent

Here at North West Bloor Motors, all of our parts and labour are guaranteed but you can choose authentic manufacturer parts or just as reliable but less expensive aftermarket parts. When BMW owners in Leigh need BMW servicing, North West Bloor Motors BMW trained mechanics are available to you one on one. Look under the hood with us and we will show you when we need to explain a service or repair. You may not be allowed into the garage of your dealer. Our own name is over our door, not BMW’s. We don’t pay fees to them for the privilege of working under their banner. Those substantial savings are passed along to our customers.

Everyone needs a neighbourhood garage when they need BMW servicing in Leigh. You need a garage where you can step in and chat with your mechanic by name about your car which he is familiar with. Contact North West Bloor Motors where we offer everything your dealer does, and then even more because we offer options when possible. All servicing is done to manufacturers standards. Our mechanics stay up to date with new and changing technology and techniques with continuing education training. Excellent personalised service, MOTS and lower prices is an unbeatable combination. Add convenient location and it’s easy to see why we at North West Bloor Motors have been a fixture in the area for 20 years.