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BMW X3 Transfer Box Repair in Manchester

BMW X3 Transfer Box Repair in ManchesterNorth West Bloor Motors undertakes your BMW X3 transfer box repair in Manchester. If yours is a 2004-2010 with high mileage, you may be aware of a possible defect in your XDrive system. You may have also heard about the £2000 dealer cost to replace the transfer. Obviously these models are out of warranty and that’s a big bill. Your options are few. You can have the dealer replace the transfer box and pay the price or park the car. You probably can’t sell the car without the replacement so you may feel stuck with the car and the replacement bill. Then there is the solution we offer at North West Bloor Motors. We can repair the transfer box instead of replacing it, saving you a lot of money and trouble and extending the life of your BMW.

North West Bloor Motors is the best combination for your BMW because we are German car specialists operating an independent garage. When we undertake, in Manchester, BMW X3 transfer box repair you get the best technicians and parts without the big price tag. You get dealer quality parts and repairs from experienced technicians. Watch or listen for two signs your BMW X3 needs a transfer box repair. First, the  4X4, ABS and brake warning lights come on all at the same time; you won’t have any problem noticing that. The second sign is a brief but loud clicking noise emanating from the transfer case. Those two signs together mean hurry on in to our shop.

The need for your BMW X3 transfer box repair in Manchester is caused by a stripped gear in the transfer motor. We can replace the tiny motor or repair it with a new internal gear. Contact North West Bloor Motors where we specialise in fine German made cars. We will confirm the transfer box malfunction and explain your options for replacement or repair. You can count on the cost for either option being far less than the dealer will charge. Yet, you will receive the same parts and BMW expert technician service. We will guarantee it. We know our BMW’s and we know the faults associated with certain models. Our qualified BMW specialists are aware of existing faults common to certain year and models. They also know how to put it to rights so you can continue to enjoy your BMW.