German Car Specialist in Bolton

German Car Specialist in BoltonYou may wonder why you need a German car specialist in Bolton to service and maintain your German made car. The reason is simple; because your German car is not a Honda or a Ford. German cars are different with their own specialised parts, service schedule and often tools. Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche are designed for performance. In some instances that fact alone means the servicing schedule is going to be more frequent than your Chevy. You could probably drive 80,000 miles without changing the oil on your Chevy truck but you’re not expecting high performance from the truck. If you want your German made car to run at peak performance and last, you need to service it more frequently.

When you keep your BMW, Audi or Porsche maintained to manufacturer standards it will likely do exactly what it was designed to do; outlast and outperform most other cars. For those in Bolton, our German car specialist has the knowledge, skill and even the specialised tools needed to keep your German made car performing as it is designed to perform. Our team is certified to undertake the service, repair, MOT and diagnostics with the equivalent or superior qualifications as your dealer techs. At North West Bloor Motors, our independently owned garage has been established since 1996. We are proud of our loyal customer base and welcome new customers.

North West Bloor Motors is the best known German car specialist in Bolton. Our customer service extends to dealer quality service at independent prices. We can charge less for our services and we can often source authentic parts for less to save you more money. Contact North West Bloor Motors because you need a German car specialists servicing your German made car. Your performance car is an investment in prestige, style, performance and outstanding engineering. You probably chose your car because you like well-made dependable products that last. German made cars are different and that’s why you own one. Depend on our team to protect your investment and keep it at peak performance.