Numerous Benefits of Mercedes Remapping in Oldham for Your Car

Mercedes Remapping in OldhamMercedes remapping in Oldham is a service you may not have considered. Many Mercedes owners are not familiar with the process. You may not know what the benefits are or how it could change your driving experience.  Your Mercedes came from the factory with the engine tuned to comply with standards in place for whatever part of the world it was destined for. Your car engine is governed by a computer and the tuning takes place via software. So when we remap, we are simply changing the software to modify your engine. It’s perfectly safe and does not harm your engine. Here at North West Bloor Motors, we are fully equipped with the tools and expertise to carry out Mercedes Remapping.

Why, you may wonder, would a Mercedes owner want to “retune” his engine or  change the software. In Oldham, Mercedes remapping includes multiple benefits you could experience, including increased power, quicker throttle response, greater fuel efficiency and just an overall improved driving experience. You may want those benefits just because you have the option. If your car is capable of better performance then you want it operating at the peak of its capabilities. Others may opt for remapping because they’ve noticed that the engine seems sluggish and they’re not getting the fuel efficiency they use to. In that case, we’re going to use diagnostics to check for other issues that could be causing poorer performance. If we find nothing then remapping will likely make a big difference.

North West Bloor Motors is the logical choice for Mercedes remapping in Oldham. We specialise in German made cars. Our technicians are all trained and experienced on German cars. We are as well or better equipped to service, maintain and repair your Mercedes as your dealer. The difference is, we’re able to charge less for our services without compromising authenticity and expertise. Contact us and schedule your Mercedes in for remapping service. If we determine you would benefit from engine remapping, it will only take about an hour to complete. You will notice the difference in your cars response time and performance. You should also get better gas mileage. If, for any reason, you want the remapping reversed, we can put it back to factory settings quickly and easily.