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Use an Authorised MOT Centre for Your BMW MOT in Manchester

BMW MOT in ManchesterA BMW MOT in Manchester, is mandatory, especially if your vehicle is older than 3 years. We are specialists in German vehicles and authorised MOT testers. MOT tests are done once a year, therefore it is important that they are done right. We carry out professional MOT testing guaranteed to check all the parameters of your car. By law, only an authorised MOT tester should carry out a MOT test. We have all the necessary equipment to carry out a proper MOT test and our authorisation is authentic. A MOT test checks the safety of a vehicle, its roadworthiness and exhaust emissions. This test is carried out in the UK on vehicles over three years old. It is mandated by the Road Traffic Act of 1988.

To keep your BMW compliant in Manchester, BMW MOT should only be done by an authorised test centre. Our MOT tests cover many aspects of a vehicle. We check the lighting and signalling function of the vehicle. Moreover, we test the steering to see if it meets the required standards. We also test the wheels, tyres, brakes and the safety belt system. All these components have to meet the standards stipulated by the DVSA guidelines. We check the general body and structure of the vehicle. This includes mirror housing, spoilers and bumpers. The driver’s view of the road is also a crucial component that we have to look at. Finally, we test exhaust emissions and function. At North West Bloor Motors, we carry out professional MOT tests and we don’t leave any component unchecked. We issue genuine MOT pass certificates.

We are pleased to provide a BMW MOT in Manchester at your convenience. You can submit your vehicle for an MOT test one calendar month before the test is due. We also allow early booking so that you don’t miss a chance to have your test done.  Our garage is fully equipped to carry out a complete MOT test. As we are specialists in BMW engineering, therefore we guarantee quality BMW MOT testing. Contact us today and get your MOT test. We also do professional car servicing certain to give you a pass on your MOT test.