Transfer Box Issues for a BMW X4 in Manchester

BMW Remapping in Leigh for Maximum Power and Performance

BMW remapping in LeighNorth West Bloor Motors is your BMW remapping in Leigh specialist. We are a long established, independent, competitively priced BMW service centre. Our services include all bodywork, maintenance and repair as well as remapping, diagnostics and MOT testing. We are the leading independent BMW dealer offering dealer level services without the high price. The largest BMW manufacturing facility is located in Germany which is where most, but not all, BMWs are made. Some are made in Great Britain, Austria and China. The only reason it matters where your BMW is manufactured is that it’s fine turned to get the best fuel mileage and longest dependable service in the climate of its origins.

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the computer that controls the car’s engine. In Leigh, BMW remapping alters the default setting to give you the maximum power and performance. The original factory default may vary based on the climate of origin. However, the default setting is not always where you get maximum power and performance. It is where you are likely to get the best gas mileage and longevity for your engine. The manufacturer prefers to promote durability and fuel efficiency. If you prefer maximum power and performance, remapping or chipping as it’s sometimes called, may be your solution. We are fully equipped to carry out this adjustment at our BMW service centre.

BMW remapping in Leigh is the process of adjusting the microchip in your car’s ECU. We override the factory settings so the default setting is at the vehicle’s maximum potential. You paid for the whole speedometer so if you want to use the whole speedometer we can give you an assist. The readjustment is safe and will not result in any damage to your car. The cost and time to carry out are both low. Contact North West Bloor Motors if you would like more information on BMW remapping. Think of it as fine-tuning your engine, which is what it is. It’s just easier to do that with today’s high performance cars and it’s called by another name; remapping.