When You Need Help With a Mercedes Breakdown in Oldham

Mercedes breakdown in OldhamYour Mercedes breakdown in Oldham will happen at an inconvenient time. You may be stranded on a busy roadway wondering how you’re going to get out of there. Your head may be spinning with how you’ll get to work and pick up the kids from school and take grandma to her doctor appointment. Our everyday life is often greatly dependent on our car. If it breaks down, we become disoriented for a bit. So when it happens to you, take a deep breath, and call us at North West Bloor Motors. We’ll make arrangements to get your car into our garage. Then, we’ll give you a loaner car so you can get back on track. Meanwhile, our techs will use their German car expertise to troubleshoot the problem with your Mercedes.

Our garage has been established for twenty years and we are staffed with German car specialists with many years of experience. In Oldham, Mercedes breakdown is always upsetting. We make every effort to lessen the stress. Our garage is the leading independent garage. What sets us apart from your dealer is definitely price. However, we think our customer service puts us ahead of the pack as well. Certainly, our customers don’t feel like a number on an assembly line. We take time to explain what’s going on with their car and what we can do about it. When we quote a price, no hidden fees are going to show up later. We are your one stop service and that includes your MOT.

When you experience a Mercedes breakdown in Oldham, count on our state of the art facility. We are fully equipped with the latest in specialised Mercedes diagnostics. We follow manufacturer recommendations for service and supply original manufacturer parts. However, because we are independent, we can offer you parts that are equivalent but cheaper than original parts. You always have choices, regardless of the age or model of your Mercedes. For specialised Mercedes service, maintenance, repairs, breakdowns or MOT testing, contact North West Bloor Motors. You can count on conscientious personalised service.