Mercedes Remapping in Manchester

For Expert Mercedes Remapping in Manchester, Rely on the Specialists

Mercedes Remapping in ManchesterOur expert Mercedes remapping in Manchester will improve your car’s performance and fuel economy. At North West Bloor Motors, our primary focus is on improving your driving experience and safety while reducing your fuel costs at the most affordable rates. We are the region’s leading independent German car specialists, with more than two decades’ experience. We attribute our success to our top quality workmanship, reliable advice and assistance, and most of all, the personalised and bespoke service we offer every single customer. Our team of highly trained, experienced and skilled professionals delights in going the extra mile for both new and existing clients.

For motorists in Manchester, Mercedes remapping is specialised job that our technicians undertake. Modern automobiles have a highly sophisticated electronic control unit (ECU) installed to control different aspects of the engine. This tiny computer controls ignition timing, air to fuel ratio, pressure, etc. The settings can be adjusted to improve any or all of these factors. Engine remapping is also known as “chipping” or ECU tuning, because it replaces the original manufacturer chip with new software. This new chip has customised settings according to your own unique preferences. It overwrites the existing settings that manage fuel injection, airflow, sensors and more. Our remapping helps your engine to perform closer to its own full capabilities within legal restrictions.

Mercedes remapping in Manchester conducted by our team of professionals and we can assess your vehicle to judge whether remapping is possible for your vehicle. This depends on its age and software configuration. It is certainly not the job for a DIY enthusiast and is best left to experienced and knowledgeable professionals. You may also need to check with your insurance company before you undertake the work. Get in touch with North West Bloor Motors for more information. Our team can give you the right advice and assistance. Manufacturers may often scale the settings down to meet emissions, noise regulations or to optimise fuel economy. Remapping is also known as Stage 1 tuning and if you need further tweaking of the software into Stages 2, 3 or 4, you may have to install additional hardware with more invasive work.