Audi Servicing Bolton

Audi Specialist in Rivington Provides the Best Care for Your Vehicle

Audi Specialist in Rivington Ensure your car gets the best care by engaging our Audi specialist in Rivington. German cars like Audi have intricate engineering, technology and designs requiring specialised care. Audi is known for its high performance and endurance, all of which need the touch of experienced technicians to maintain. Without specific experience with Audi engines, it can be challenging to service one. Before letting a technician open your Audi engine, ensure the garage is certified. Also, the technicians must follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to uphold the validity of your warranty.

Taking your Audi for servicing or repairs at the main dealer garages is costly. In Rivington, our Audi specialist is affordable because we are a privately-owned garage. This means that we have no manufacturer or franchising affiliations. As such, we can offer dealer-standard servicing and repair at a fraction of the cost. We have nine fully operational service bays which give us the flexibility to give your car exclusive attention without keeping you waiting for hours. Our staff is famous for going the extra mile to provide excellent customer care and exceed their expectations. Unlike most main dealers, we build lasting friendships with our customers by providing professional services with a personal touch.

We are passionate about our work, and you can rest assured that our Audi specialist in Rivington is among the best in the trade. After more than 20 years of operation, our quality is guaranteed. In addition, we have several stellar reviews from happy customers willing to attest to our high standards of excellence. We serve unique customers with varying budgets and preferences, as such, seek to find the most suitable solution for each situation. If you are looking for an Audi Specialist, contact North West Bloor Motors today. We are a complete ‘one-stop shop’ for everything your Audi needs. Furthermore, we also service several other vehicle models including Volkswagen, BMW, Mini and Mercedes. We also have a modern body shop for re-sprays and car body repairs.