Mercedes Car Servicing In Bolton

Mercedes Car Servicing Bolton

For the best quality Mercedes Car Servicing In Bolton you may hold the popular belief that it is best to put your

prized possession into the dealership. This may have been the way of the past when the dealerships had precedence over everyone else in the market and could charge what sometimes could be considered as rather heftily over inflated prices. Nowadays though, this is no longer the way as North West Bloor Motor Works illustrate on a daily basis.

Established in 1996 and having proven themselves as experts in Mercedes car servicing in Bolton, North West Bloor are a completely independent German car specialist with no affiliations whatsoever to any of the big manufacturers. With dealership trained technicians with a focus on providing quality at good prices, you can be assured that North West Bloor will go that extra mile to ensure the customer is always happy.

So next time you are considering Mercedes car servicing in Bolton, visit Horwich based North West Bloor. With an impeccable reputation for diagnostics, repairs, servicing and more throughout the North West, you can relax in the knowledge that your Mercedes is in capable hands. Call North West Bloor for details today on 01204 667 867.