Find A Volkswagen Service In Salford

Volkswagen service in SalfordIf you are looking to find a Volkswagen service in Salford, North West Bloor Motor Works is the garage for you. For almost 20 years we have been the best independent specialists dealing with German cars in the North West. We strive to keep this title by using the most up to date diagnostic equipment, excellently trained staff, and superb customer service. The primary benefit of dealing with an independent company is the personal touch we are able to offer our customers. Many of our customers have been bringing their cars here since they learned to drive, and we hope their children will bring their cars to us as well.

A man called recently with some concerns about his Volkswagen. He had purchased the car nearly seven years ago, and so far had experienced quite a run of good luck with it. Aside from the normal oil changes, bulb replacements, and wiper blade changes, there had not been a single problem with the car, and he had never taken it into a shop. As anyone that keeps cars for years know, this false sense of security can be shattered quickly with a little mechanical trouble. He had recently been noticing a clicking noise coming from the front of the car when he made tight turns around Salford. Finding a Volkswagen service that can handle this issue can be difficult. He had taken the car into a run of the mill shop and found that not everyone was able to service his fine German car.

Luckily he had seen an advertisement for North West Bloor Motor Works that emphasized our ability to service his car. He brought it in for a check up and the problem was diagnosed quickly as an issue with the CV joints in the front end. The client was very satisfied with the service he received and said he would be back to see us with any future problems. The next time you are trying to find a Volkswagen service in Salford, look no farther than North West Bloor Motor Works. Call today on 01204 667867.