Audi Diagnostics In Burnley

Audi diagnostics in BurnleyAt North West Bloor Motor Works, a frequently asked question is “do you perform Audi diagnostics in Burnley?” Our response to that is an emphatic, “Yes”. However to just say we do diagnostics is an over simplification. Our level of diagnostics is equal to that of your Audi Dealer. We are a privately owned company in business for 20 years. We are the best German Car specialists offering the best in customer service in the area.

Being in Burnley and needing Audi diagnostics will give you an opportunity to answer for yourself another frequently asked question. That question is ,“can I trust just anyone to fix my Audi?” Of course, you would ask that question. You have an investment in your Audi and you want to protect that investment. You would not permit just any garage mechanic to make adjustments or repairs to your finely tuned machine. You should only allow expertly trained technicians to diagnose and make repairs to your vehicle.

North West Bloor Motor Works can perform Audi diagnostics in Burnley using the same equipment as any Dealer. Just as important is the quality and training of our diagnosticians. Many of our technicians come to us from Audi dealers where they received their training. We have other technicians that have been trained right here on site at our facility having come up through the ranks and gaining expert knowledge in German made cars including Audi’s. Customers often ask, “if everything is the same then why go to North West Bloor Motor Works instead of the dealer?” The answer is simple. Being a privately owned and independent company enables us to offer you the same services at a lower cost. We have expert technicians assigned to each of our nine service bays so there are no long waits for service. Dealer quality diagnostics at lower prices in less time are the benefits we offer to you. Call on NW Bloor on 01204 667867