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BMW Tracking in Blackburn

BMW Tracking in BlackburnBMW tracking in Blackburn can allow your car to be recovered quickly if it is stolen. The system can also use the cars power reserve to amplify the cellular signal and this is aided and improved by the cars large antenna which is far larger than a mobile phone antenna. The theft recovery system is capable of tracking the car via the vehicle computer and built in GPS system. Your car is an expensive item and you need to know that it is safe. This is particularly important when a wife and child are driving in it alone. Carjacking is becoming more common and you need to be sure that your family is safe at all times.

What will you do if your expensive BMW is stolen? In Blackburn, BMW tracking can offer an alternative to the usual third party tracking devices. Although these devices may work if the theft is discovered quickly, many thieves are very proficient at finding and removing these tiny devices. If your vehicle is stolen during the night the thieves will very likely have found and removed the tracking device before you even realise your car has been stolen. However, the tracking device in the BMW Assist system is connected to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in your car. If the thieves try to disable it the car will automatically become immobile.

BMW tracking in Blackburn works with the BMW Assist system. This system is integrated into the vehicles communication and audio systems. It works in conjunction with a navigations system if installed or it uses its own GPS equipment. Contact North West Bloor Motors today and find out more about the BMW Assist system. It works off the cellular network and both voice and data are transmitted. The system can provide turn by turn directions, remote unlocking, vehicle diagnostics, and towing or flat tire repair. The system uses global positioning technology to locate or guide the vehicle.