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VW Breakdown in Westhoughton

VW Breakdown in WesthoughtonThe cost of dealing with a VW breakdown in Westhoughton deters some people from purchasing German vehicles. Most German made cars such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes have a reputation for durability and superior quality. While you will be expected to pay a stiff price for purchasing one, you can be sure these vehicles are built-to-last; costing you less money in repairs. But what if your VW does breakdown, where would you take it in? The obvious answer seems to be to take it back to the car dealership. While it’s true they will do a good job at fixing your VW, you can expect to pay hefty repair costs. Why not pay half as much and get the same quality of service?

If you live in Westhoughton, VW breakdown repairs can be remedied at North West Bloor Motor Works. We are experts at providing dealer-quality services at low prices. Our company has been conducting specialist car repairs for more than two decades. Using the latest diagnostic tools and technologies, we are able to provide comprehensive repairs for all models and makes of new and old German manufactured vehicles. We can even repair Skoda, Porsche and non German brands. Our location on Iron Street has nine car bays, each equipped with a ramp and dealer trained technician. This ensures that your vehicle will be serviced quickly without any delays. If a major repair needs to be conducted, we will provide you with a courtesy car to help you stay mobile while your own car is being fixed. If parts replacement is required, we will install only genuine manufacturer’s parts and stamp your service book as required.

If you experience a VW breakdown in Westhoughton, give your expert local garage, North West Bloor Motors a call. You can count on North West Bloor Works to get you back on the road in a short amount of time. This is our service promise and guarantee! In addition to car repairs, we provide MOTs, diagnostics and servicing.