German Cars in Bury

German Cars in Manchester

German Cars in Manchester Your finely engineered German car deserves a garage that specialises in German cars in Manchester. At North West Bloor Motors, we are that garage. Statistics show that German cars do indeed make the most out of driving. Luxury and performance built into German cars are sought after perks of driving. The majority of German brands consistently score higher than the industry average for long-term reliability and again with fewer problems. Your German car still needs regular maintenance service and the occasional repair or replacement part. At North West Bloor Motors, we specialise in German Cars. That means our technicians are certified on German cars and our tools and diagnostics are compatible.

Many owners of German cars feel they need to take their cars to the dealer to get the quality of care they expect. In Manchester, German car dealers have a large overhead and therefore may charge up to twice as much for service, repair and parts. That’s why some say don’t own a German car that is not under warranty. Everything costs more unless you know the right garage. North West Bloor Motors have the same and maybe more diagnostic equipment specifically for German cars than the dealer. We have the specially or dealer trained mechanics. Our service and repairs are done according to the same manufacturer guidelines and we use authentic parts. If you want high quality aftermarket parts, we’ll use them and save you even more money.

Bring your German cars in Manchester to North West Bloor Motors for warranty work and get the same service you would at the dealer. Just because you own an exceptionally designed and engineered vehicle doesn’t mean you have to pay as much as double the cost for services and repairs. That’s like being penalised for making a good choice. We are your one stop garage for service, repairs, tyres, MOT and we have a body shop on site. Independently owned and operated with 9 service bays you can expect quick service and all your questions answered.For a garage that specialises in German cars, contact North West Bloor Motors.  Ask around and you will find we have built up an excellent reputation over the years for quality work, attentive customer service and fair pricing.