Mercedes Repair in Skelmersdale

Mercedes Repair in SkelmersdaleYour Mercedes repair in Skelmersdale should be undertaken by experienced qualified Mercedes specialists that understand the little differences that separate your high performance car from the automotive pack. You can probably get that service from your dealer but the wise Mercedes owner brings their car to North West Bloor Motors for the same or better service without the inflated cost. We are independently owned so we are 100% invested in superior workmanship and customer service. Some of our technicians learned their Mercedes specialty working with us and others got their training working for a Mercedes dealer. All are well equipped and trained to staff our nine bays and give you quick and professional service.

North West Bloor Motors provides full service and isn’t that what you want to help you maintain your car? You don’t want to go one place for your MOT, another for service and maintenance and in Skelmersdale Mercedes repair in yet another. When we say repair we mean engine, exhausts, transmission, brakes, all electricals and body work. We can find what’s ailing your car because we have state-or-the-art diagnostic equipment that your dealer may not yet have. We work according to our standards which are often higher than the manufacturer but never lower. We will design your maintenance schedule including the annual MOT to keep your car at peak performance. Service on your schedule and with a smile for less money without compromising your warranty.

North West Bloor Motor is your wise choice for Mercedes repair in Skelmersdale for all models and years. If you have an older model, you don’t want to part with, we’ll baby it along so you get the most life out of it as possible. Our Mercedes repair team are seasoned and our established business is ranked top independent German Car Specialist. Contact North West Bloor Motors for the lowest prices without sacrificing authentic Mercedes parts and expert service. We treat our customers right because we appreciate their business. If we need to keep your car for a day or two, we have loaners for your use. Bring your Mercedes to us at North West Bloor Motor and get it done right the first time.