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BMW Diagnostics in Warrington

BMW Diagnostics in WarringtonBMW diagnostics in Warrington is best done by your independent German Car garage, North West Bloor Motors. Our technological equipment is cutting edge; may be more up to date than the dealers. Yet, you’ll pay a lot less for our services right down the line. We can charge less because we are independent of all brand dealerships and their high overhead and franchise costs. There is something else we hate to see you spend money on; your own diagnostic tool. You may get some information using it but you won’t get complete and accurate information. Your engine light comes on so you get a code reader from the auto parts store and plug it in. You look up the code and indications are your oxygen sensors need replacement. That’s a quick and easy fix so you do the job yourself.

All the while you’re replacing the sensors you’re congratulating yourself on all the money you’re saving.  In Warrington, BMW diagnostics equipment is more sophisticated, specialised and dependable than your car parts store brand. That’s why when you start up your BMW after replacing the sensors, your engine light is still on. How badly worn were the oxygen sensors you replaced? Maybe the worn parts have caused damage to your catalytic converter. Now you’re really in the high priced repair range. Our skilled, German car certified mechanics use the professional diagnostic tools and their experience and training to follow the leads the codes provide. They see the whole picture. One fault may naturally lead them to check related mechanisms. Your on-board computer software works with the appropriate diagnostic equipment.

Of course, BMW diagnostics in Warrington may be part of your yearly service and maintenance. We’ll catch small faults before they become big ones. Service and Repairs will be made according to manufacturer recommendations with the same precision and skill you would receive from your dealer. Yet, you will save money while receiving the same or better reliable service. Contact North West Bloor Motors for a diagnostic check on your BMW.  Over the last 20 years we have grown to become the leading independent German car specialist in the North West. The only thing better than excellent service with low prices is the addition of our attentive customer service.