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Mini Garage in Farnworth

Mini Garage in FarnworthWe are your best choice for a Mini Garage in Farnworth, as we are the leading independent German car specialist throughout the Midwest. We offer a first-class service for all your car care needs including MOT, tyres, servicing, repairs and diagnostics. We’ve been established since 1996 our specialist engineers and technicians have built a loyal following of Mini owners. Our technicians have been trained and certified to Mini manufacturer standards. We use authentic Mini parts and all services are carried out to manufacturer specifications. We offer a very nice price structure we think you’ll be pleased with. Your costs with us are far below what your dealer costs would be for the same level of professional service that is efficient but friendly.

Our fully equipped shop has nine separate service bays and technicians to staff them. It’s likely in Farnworth, Mini garage wait times are minimal. We maintain a safe environment where our Mini owners can speak to our technicians and ask questions before or after servicing your car. Your Mini is a special type of vehicle and you need a Mini certified technician with years of experience and a foundation based on German car technology. We know your Mini, regardless of age, inside out and backwards. Minis are a little more to their owners than powerful expertly engineered transportation. Mini owners make a statement with the car they’ve chosen and most are not usually anxious to trade it in. With the quality of maintenance and service we offer, you can expect to exceed the average of 100,000 miles. Most any car has that kind of longevity now.

So your well-engineered Mini regularly serviced at our Mini garage in Farnworth will see that and more without a major overhaul. There are those that have made it to 300,000 miles. Maintenance is key to keeping these cars at top performance and avoiding major breakdowns and costly repairs. Contact North West Bloor Motors and schedule your Mini for service with us. Your car will be in good hands and you won’t have to pay those high dealer costs for dealer quality service. We’re full service so we won’t be sending you somewhere else to fix your speakers, juice up your air conditioner, or rotate your tyres. Your Mini deserves the specialised service we offer and you deserve to feel confident your car is getting the best care possible.